photo of Heart Rock and Sand, Lost Coast, CA

About 3 years after everyone else, I’ve discovered Instagram and combined with the iPhone it’s a lot of fun. It takes me back to what I enjoyed about medium format film. I loved that square image on the ground glass providing the opportunity to meditate and see the world in unexpected ways. Twenty years ago it was a lot of work to shoot a few rolls of black and white film then go into the darkroom. I’d spend hours sometimes, whole weekends working for a keeper or two. Mostly I made 8×8 or 10×10 prints. Whoa! That’s 10×10 inches?

I’ve been immersed in the big print for so long I’ve nearly forgotten how nice the small photograph can be. The iPhone and Instagram are not an equal substitute for 120mm film but the freedom to explore and record without boatloads of time or cumbersome gear has been liberating and at 8×8, the prints can be quite nice.

The images below are posted automatically from my Instagram feed. They are not always posted the same day as created but they remain true to their time. Additionally, in keeping with the spirit of Instagram’s mobile milieu all photos are from an iPhone, sometimes an accessorized iPhone but only from iPhone. You know, for fun.

2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. 8/30/15: My favorite accessory at this time is the Lifeproof case, it protects the camera-phone from water and makes it okay to submerge completely under water. It’s great for summer fun and it will be useful in the rain. If the case had a wrist strap or lanyard it would be perfect.

  2. 10/30/15: I have a new favorite iPhone accessory, the DXO One. It can’t be used with my previous favorite, the Lifeproof case, but I haven’t missed it. The DXO One is a small camera (easily fits in my pant’s pocket) that attaches to the lightening connector of the iPhone. The iPhone becomes the viewfinder and interface for selecting aperture and shutter speed. I’ve been missing manual controls and now I have them as well as a nice big image sensor for much improved image quality. To differentiate DXO made photos from the iPhone I initially hash-tagged them with #dxomade but from mid September forward it can be assumed that all Instagram photos are from the DXO enhanced iPhone.

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